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Coverstory in the magazine "Akustik Gitarre"

Peter Autschbach and Ralf Illenberger can be seen on the cover of the magazine „Akustik Gitarre“ (# 2-2013). There's a five-page-story with some very useful add-ons: A CD-review of the current Autschbach-Illenberger-album „No Boundaries“, a guitar workshop (score and TAB) explaining how to play the piece „Move On“ and two online-videos, made by publisher Andreas Schulz. The videos show live versions of „Move On“ and the old Kolbe-Illenberger-classic „Music“.

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Live-review in the newspaper Rheinpfalz November 12th, 2012
Throughout the whole sold- out concert an enthusiastic audience witnessed the fact that true guitar mastership does not necessarily mean fast and furious finger exercises. The opposite is true: the virtuosity of Illenberger and Autschbach is presented by relaxed and laid- back playing, and this is obvious to the audience from the very first note. One feels that the musicians do not have to prove anything - they just play.

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in German language: Radiobroadcast „Kramladen“ @ Byte.FM
Der bekannte Moderator Volker Rebell berichtet in seiner Sendung „Kramladen“ bei Byte.FM über die CD „No Boundaries“. Als Klangbeispiel gibt‘s das Stück „Kristallschloss“. Besonders interessant ist der Schluss des Beitrags (ab 4:29), in dem Volker Rebell über eine besondere, vom Max-Planck-Institut nachgewiesene Vernetzung der Gehirnströme eines Gitarrenduos spricht.

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