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CD-review magazine Akustik Gitarre 2/13:
Peter Autschbach & Ralf Illenberger: No Boundaries
One had to wait a long time to hear new guitar music that captures and furthers the unique sound of the legendary duo Kolbe/Illenberger. Amazing how two musicians can adjust so perfectly to each other that the listener believes he is hearing a single multi-string guitar! The duo creates soundscapes and lines that hover in the air and yet, thanks to their irresistible grooves, have enough earthiness to avoid aimless wandering. A new style between minimalism and extremely tight arpeggiation is born here; a new sound, which noticeably echoes the musicality of Kolbe/Illenberger while at the same time heading into new directions through the jazzy influences brought in by Peter Autschbach, not only in the lines but also in surprising and sometimes Metheny-like chord progressions. This duo already mastered the fine art of tightly-knit interacting; one suspects that there is even more space for development ahead. An impressive indication of the level of the intuitive understanding between Illenberger and Autschbach can be experienced in the multi-part suite „Last Afternoon“, a nearly 30-minute flow improvised without any prior discussion. Using mainly only the sound of the pickups in the recordings, the duo provided a clear sound image with its own unique charm that goes so well with the flowing arpeggios and bell harmonics.

Andreas Schulz


click here for sound examples @ autschbach.de and here for ordering the CD, US customers click here to order via email to Ralf